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College Executives, Founded in 1997, has earned and retained the reputation as the premier nationwide executive search firm in the career college sector of higher education. This sector encompasses the for-profit or proprietary colleges, career colleges, vocational colleges. We also work with companies that are non-profit or not-for-profit. Campuses that are both recipients of Title IV (T4) and non-Title IV are clients of College Executives. We partner with Talent Acquisition Departments with clients ranging from publically traded groups of 100+ campuses, national and international in scope and delivery to small "Mom and Pop" schools; on-line, hybrid or blended to brick-and-mortar educational delivery systems. Fran & ChesterWe have clients ranging geographically from Florida to Maine on the East coast and across the country to California to Washington State and all points between. We have recruiters located across the country as well so we can meet your recruitment and placement needs in the best way possible.

The principal of the firm is Frances J. Morris, Ph.D.. Fran holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Public Administration in Higher Education. Additionally, she has over twenty-five (25) years’ experience in higher education. During those years, she has worked as a program administrator in a Community College System, Statewide Council on Higher Education, Full Professor at a Regionally Accredited University, Academic Dean and Campus President of a For Profit College and Vice Chancellor of Academics at a multi-site for- profit university. Fran’s educational background coupled with her wide range of experience provides her with a strong background and understanding of the hiring needs of today’s for- profit sector, the needs of hiring managers’ for specific qualities in their employees.


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